Making a living.

Money Masters

Providing students with the knowledge and skills to take control over their financial future and wellbeing.

Why Financial Literacy matters.

Money management and financial skills, also known as financial literacy, are crucial for students as they navigate their way into adulthood. These skills provide them with the necessary tools to make informed financial decisions and secure a stable future. By developing an understanding of budgeting, saving, and investing, students can learn how to effectively manage their money and make smart choices when it comes to purchasing goods and services, enabling them to stretch their resources and make wise investments.

What the Curriculum tells us.

The National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework* articulates a clear rational for financial education in Australian schools and provides guidance on how essential financial capabilities may be incorporated into the Australian curriculum. It has therefore been utilised to inform the development of the Money Master incursions.

Explore the connections between the Money Master Incursions and General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum:

Effective financial education is not just about teaching young people about money. It is also about empowering them to make informed decisions about their financial future. By providing young people with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money wisely, financial education can help them achieve their financial goals and build a secure financial future.